Unlimited Classes

Unlimited classes for the month for one flat rate

  • Receive 1 free guest pass a month for each month your subscription is active after 3mos

  • Pre-register for classes beforehand to guarantee your spot

  • Monthly body assessments

  • Priority reservations for class availability

         – $80/mo. recurring

Class Rates and Packages

First time – 7.00
A la carte classes – 12.00
5 classes – 50.00
10 classes – 70.00
15 classes – 100.00
20 classes – 120.00 
30 classes – 150.00

Arms, Abs, and A$$

Nice, toned arms. 
A sleek midsection
A nicely-shaped, well-rounded butt. 

Achieve, acquire, and amass all THREE in this power-packed class from KrisHollieFitness. Your arms will rival those of a Grecian statue; your stomach will lose inches and flatten weekly; and your glutes will pop and inspire songs to be written about them! Bring a mat, and as with all of our classes, each class is $10. Save even more with one of our VIP packages!

Buttcamp Express

A derivative of the highly successful ButtCamp program, ButtCamp Express is a glute-powered non-stop lower body workout that targets all 3 major muscles of the butt (glute minimus, glute medius, glute maximus), complimenting that by conditioning the legs and core regions. In effect, you get a workout that shapes, builds, strengthens, and beautifies your butt to help you posture, movement patterns, and Instagram likes! Class is $10. Please bring your own mat!


Are abs truly made in the kitchen? Well, partially true, partially false. Abs and their definition are REVEALED in the kitchen, just like any other muscle group. However, since it is a muscle, it needs to be built up and strengthened as well.

GutCamp is a unique class that focuses on the two best and proven ways to trim and shape the gut, as well as the three best angles to train the abs from to build optimal development, while giving you that sleek, slim, and trim look!

Healthy meal recipes and ab trick tips are also provided at each class. Make those love handles slowly dissipate each week at GutCamp!


METCON, or Metabolic Conditioning, has been shown to increase lean muscle, improve cardiovascular capacity, and lower your resting heart rate. In other words, it’s a FANTASTIC workout when you’re strapped for time and high on optimizing your results! This class is faster-paced and elevate your heart levels, however all levels are still welcome and will be able to safely complete the workout.

Tabata Abs

What is Tabata?

Low-to-high intensity circuits of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. A quick, efficient, and reliable way to burn fat and without the use of a lot of equipment! In Tabata Abs, we focus exclusively on the abdominal region, ripping the core and strengthening the midpoint of our bodies.

With the class only  being 30 minutes, it’s a fast-paced workout that will elevate your heart rate quickly, then send you back on your way!

TRX x Thighs

Sleek, sexy, and muscular legs (to compliment the juicy booty you’ve built in ButtCamp lol), while utilizing calisthenics and the TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) straps to strengthen and build the upper body and abs. TRX x Thighs is a quick class that is short on length and big on results! In the end, your body will feel refreshed and you will feel accomplished with what you’ve completed.

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