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Featured Classes

Arms, Abs, and A$$

Nice, toned arms. 
A sleek midsection
A nicely-shaped, well-rounded butt. 

ButtCamp Express

A derivative of the highly successful ButtCamp program, ButtCamp Express is a glute-powered non-stop lower body workout that targets all 3 major muscles of the butt (glute minimus, glute medius, glute maximus), complimenting that by conditioning the legs and core regions.

Torch 500 Bootcamp

A combination of direct core work, weight lifting, calisthenics, and both steady state and high intensity cardio to deliver a full body strength and conditioning workout that is second to none. 

What Our Costumers say

"Working out with Kris is always fun and challenging. He is encouraging and extremely knowledgeable about fitness. His ability to train multiple clients simultaneously while catering to their individual fitness levels is amazing. I would recommend Kris to anyone looking to get fit or stay fit. He will push you to the next level and beyond!!"

Jessica W.

"Training with Kristopher Hollie has been such a great experience! I'm already seeing results at 7 weeks in! He's very knowledgeable and skilled at what he does! I would highly recommend anyone to train with him! He not only keeps you motivated to work out but he also makes it fun!"

Jasmine R.

"I have been working with Mr. Hollie for several weeks and his services are very appreciated. He has identified my personal needs and has pushed me hard to work toward my goals. Mr. Hollie is an outstanding trainer and I would recommend his services for those who have personal training needs."

Erica W.